He Almost Died. This Breakthrough Treatment Saved His Life.

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These days, every time we open the paper or see the news, lives are being touched by over-dose and substance abuse. Now, there is a solution…

EacottIn 2012, Matt Eacott hit rock bottom…again. Eacott, 34, had spent years of his life addicted to opiates; first using prescription opiates like Oxycontin, then moving to heroin. He describes himself as a prime example of the unhappy merry-go-round many addicts find themselves on. The Avon Connecticut native had spent the last ten years in and out of rehab facilities trying unsuccessfully to kick his addiction.  He had gone to more than a dozen in-patient treatment centers, some of them long-term.

Along the way he carried with him the usual addiction baggage: problems with his family, brief periods of sobriety followed by relapses and frequent drug related run-ins with the law, including arrests, one of which resulted in a year-long sentence in the Cheshire Correctional Facility. After his latest relapse, it looked like he was heading back to prison, possibly for a whole lot longer. Eacott had violated his parole and was facing a five-year sentence.

Losing all hope, Eacott met again with a longtime therapist, Dr. Joyce Kamanitz, M.D., F.A.P.A, asking in despair, “Is there any hope…?” His therapist had an unexpected answer and said, “Yes. I have a very good [friend] and he’s started something that’s different and I think could really work for you.”

According to Dr. Kamanitz, Aware Recovery Care’s innovative new treatment program likely saved her client’s life.“Aware Recovery Care helped my patient when nothing else led to sustained sobriety. I treated this young man for several years for opioid abuse/dependency. He is from a lovely family and is himself a smart, funny, thoughtful person. We worked together with medication, psychotherapy, outpatient substance abuse programs, inpatient substance abuse programs, in the U.S. and abroad. None of these treatments led to lasting abstinence.”

KamanitzFinally, Matt was treated in the remarkable Aware Recovery Care program. He has had sustained sobriety since he began the program 3 years ago. He now has a full-time job that he is enjoying immensely and is newly married to a wonderful young woman!

“I believe the reason for this success is that Aware Recovery Care is designed to help people in their real lives. People who ‘graduate’ from other programs then have to transfer what they learn in a program to the normal events of their life.  Aware Recovery Care works with people in their homes and work environments, helping them with the moment-to-moment issues that arise. This approach decreases impulsive relapse and encourages reliance on self and on appropriate others for help”, said Dr. Kamanitz.

To read more about Matt’s story, visit:  To learn more about Aware Recovery Care, visit or call 203.779.5799.



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